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Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan)

An unknow Hero of Independence War.

During the British Raj on Pak o Hind many activists were trying to end the British Raj. Some were trying violently and some were un-violently, many of the Muslim and Hindu leaders were trying to end the era of slavery. For that reason, many of leaders were trying through Democracy, for that Reason many Democratic Parties were playing in the field.

Among them there was a person who was struggling with his fellows un-violently known as “Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan” born on 6th of February, 1890, in Utmanzai Charsadda. He lived mostly in Afghanistan (Jalal Abad and Nangarhar).

He got his primary and High School education from his regional school, during his study period he was so talented and was doing well in his studies the British Government was so impressed of his talent and offered him a highly commissioned Officer job but he refused to complete his education and serve the society later accordingly.

For the higher Education he was willing to go to London, His father permitted him to go but his mother was not happy on his going to London.

So he joined the father working on father’s land, and opened a school in Mosque to educate the society. At that time Haji Sahb Turangzai was on the frontline against the British Government, Ghafar Khan joined the independence movement with Haji sahb in the age of just 20 years.

As the British Government witnessed the uprising in the surrounding, they banned the mosque school of Bacha Khan.

He started a movement to serve the people without any commercial and financial support and was awarded as “Khudai Khidmatgar” in 1926. This was a secular and non-violent movement.

Ghafar khan was not in favor of partitioning for the Muslims of India, but when the partitioning of Pak o Hind was happening, he wanted the referendum to include a third option of “Pashtunistan”, but that was not agreed. Once the Pakistan came into being, he accepted the Pakistan and took oath in National Assembly in 1948.

After all that he reconciles with Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi during a meeting and invited Jinnah to Peshawar. That was not done during to some improper situation. From 1948 to 1954 Ghafar Khan was imprisoned without any charge, and again in 1956 due to protesting against the Establishment of One Unit.

In 1964 General Ayub khan offered him a ministry but Ghafar Khan refused and then was kept in prison 1964 but released due to his bad health. He was to Britain for his treatment and was back soon. He was expelled to Afghanistan. After that he was many times to jail.

In his last illness he was in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar and Died in 1988. As he was wishing to be buried in Afghanistan he was to Jalal Abad and buried there.

He was a real and honest hero of the Independence was and Pashtuns. May his soul rest in peace.

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